Stock of industrial geared motors


Faced with a surplus of gearmotors and rising storage costs? ADSI has the solution to your needs. As experts in the purchase of industrial equipment, we search for and purchase your surplus machines in France and throughout Europe.

Our know-how covers a vast selection of geared motors and associated equipment. We are particularly interested in products from well-known brands such as ABB, SIEMENS, WEG, SEW USOCOME, BONFIGLIOLI, LEROY SOMER, FLENDER, ROSSI and DEMAG.

At ADSI, we offer a clear and efficient purchasing process, ensuring a fast and profitable transaction for your inventory. Rely on our expertise for simplified, cost-effective management of your surpluses.

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What is a geared motor?

This type of device combines an electric motor with a gearbox to achieve high performance. Its main function is to reduce motor speed while increasing torque.

Let’s take a concrete example: a geared motor with a ratio of 1/70 means that the reducer turns 70 times slower than the motor, but in return delivers 70 times more torque.

This efficiency is also influenced by the geared motor’s output axis, with offset motor axes playing a crucial role in power reduction, and those perpendicular to the output axis increasing torque and reducing the speed ratio.

They come in three main categories: micro, medium and large. Small ones are commonly used in equipment such as windshield wipers and household appliances. Medium-sized gearmotors are ideal for applications such as gate opening and barrier operation. Large gearmotors, meanwhile, are essential for more robust systems such as elevators, cable cars and chairlifts in ski resorts.

The type of gearmotor is determined by the direction in which the required force is transmitted. There are three basic gearbox designs: parallel-shaft, angular-gear and planetary.

ADSI, the best management solution

ADSI is your ideal partner for transforming your surplus and unused gearmotor inventory into financial opportunities. We are interested in purchasing :

– Surplus from your maintenance stores.
– Stocks requiring liquidation.
– Stock reductions to optimize your inventory.
– Dormant stock taking up unnecessary space.
– End of industrial sites with surplus equipment.
– Order errors.
– Stock rotation to renew and update your inventory.
– Unsold stock, providing a solution for unsold inventory.
– Duplicate orders.
– Old references no longer in phase with your current needs.
– Inactive stock.

We are committed to providing you with a streamlined and efficient purchasing process, enabling you to make the most of your unused assets while freeing up valuable resources for your business.



Why sell your gearmotors to ADSI?


Value maximization

We evaluate your gearmotors and make you an offer that truly reflects their market value. By choosing ADSI, you not only benefit from a financial gain for your unused inventory, but also avoid high storage costs.


Simplified redemption process

Our acquisition process is designed to be straightforward and uncomplicated. From preliminary evaluation to closing the sale, our goal is to make every step as simple as possible for you.


Expertise and trust

With over two years’ experience, we have acquired in-depth knowledge of gearmotor buy-backs, ensuring a reliable and professional transaction.

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Flexible purchasing

We recognize that every business has specific needs. That’s why we offer customized gearmotor purchasing options, tailored to your volumes, types, and logistical requirements.


Contributing to the circular economy

By selling to ADSI, you are helping to promote a more responsible industry. Our approach helps reduce waste and environmental impact.



The different types of geared motors required

We purchase all types and specifications of gearmotors, whether new or used. Our aim is to provide a practical and cost-effective solution for companies wishing to dispose of surplus or unused equipment.

With ADSI, you can be sure of a flexible approach and a service tailored to your specific gearmotor needs.