Stock of industrial variable speed drives


Electronic variable speed drives play an essential role in controlling the speed and torque of AC electric motors. Their ability to precisely adjust frequency and voltage makes these devices indispensable in many industrial applications.

If you’re considering selling your stock, ADSI is your ideal partner. We deal in variable speed drives of all brands, including SIEMENS, ABB, LEROY SOMER, HITACHI, WEG, SEW EURODRIVE, DANFOS, VERLINDE, SCHNEIDER, TELEMECANIQUE, INDRAMAT, NUM, ALSPA, and more.

stock de variateurs de vitesse

What is a variable speed drive?

A variable speed drive or variable frequency drive is an electronic device designed to control and regulate the speed of an electric motor. This technology, combining sophisticated control electronics with a static converter, is an effective solution for achieving significant energy savings.

Variable speed drives adjust the motor’s power supply, modifying its speed as required. This ability to reduce energy consumption makes them indispensable in both domestic and industrial applications.

They can be used to regulate the flow of a fan or pump, adjust the speed of a production line, or control the speed of machine tools. They are also used in the transport sector, for example, to regulate the speed of cable cars or trains. On the market, variable speed drives come in a range of sizes, from a small milk carton-like box to a cabinet-sized housing, adapted to the size of the motor to be controlled.

Recent models offer an additional advantage: they are equipped with a power factor correction stage, enabling compliance with electromagnetic compatibility standards. This feature makes variable speed drives the ideal choice for any application requiring precise motor speed control while complying with environmental standards.

Why use a variable speed drive?

The variable speed drive has many functions. In all, there are no less than 5 of them. Here they are:

  1. Controlled acceleration. This allows you to choose the speed best suited to a given situation.
  2. Controlled deceleration. The principle is the same as for acceleration. This allows you to come to a smooth stop. Braking is then either electric or natural. This function is particularly useful for elevators.
  3. Speed regulation. This automatically adjusts and corrects the speed according to the situation.
  4. Direction reversal and, more specifically, direction of travel.
  5. Safety braking. In the event of a problem, you can stop your drive with complete peace of mind.

ADSI is your ideal partner for valorizing your surplus variable speed drives. We target the purchase of drives from surplus, obsolete or unused inventory, as well as unsold or duplicate items. Our purchasing process is designed to be efficient and straightforward, ensuring a fast and profitable transaction for your business.



Why sell your variable speed drives to ADSI?


Maximizing resources

When you sell your variable speed drives to ADSI, you can be sure of receiving a fair and competitive offer, reflecting the true value of your equipment. ADSI helps you turn your dormant inventory into a significant financial advantage, while reducing storage costs.


Simplified process

We’ve designed our purchasing process to be clear and straightforward. From start to finish, each phase is managed to guarantee our partners a simplified sale.


Expertise and trust

With over twenty years’ experience in the sector, our expertise in variable speed drive buy-backs ensures a smooth and professional transaction.

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Flexible purchasing

At ADSI, we understand that requirements vary from company to company. That’s why we offer tailor-made buy-back solutions to meet your specific requirements, whether in terms of quantity, type of variable speed drives, or logistical arrangements.


Commitment to the circular economy

By working with ADSI to sell your variable speed drives, you’re supporting an environmentally responsible approach. Our commitment to the circular economy helps reduce waste and carbon emissions, reinforcing sustainable practices in the industry.



The different types of variable speed drives required

ADSI specializes in the buy-back of variable speed drives of all categories. Whether you have new or used drives, we’re interested in acquiring them. Our aim is to provide an efficient solution for companies looking to get rid of their redundant variable speed drives.

We offer an approach tailored to your specific variable speed drive needs, guaranteeing a reliable and personalized service.